Sunday, July 16, 2017

Converting to Neely Style Charts, Counts

Below is the video that was promised for this weekend. Please scrub about 90% of what was said on Friday's post as the further work is showing something a little different and quite promising! Let's see if it delivers.

Thank you for your patronage of this blog as we attempt to deliver work that has potential for greater reliability in wave counting, fewer alternates, and fewer guesses. After reviewing this video, we hope you'll agree.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Very interesting and educational video. Thanks for sharing. These are interesting times.

  2. Thanks TJ. Crystal clear..1990 I am amazed.
    for you

  3. Brilliant. Until we continue up and break the wedge. Then what? Thanks TJ

    1. Welcome, but I think the Fibos argue against that. What rationale is your comment based on other than the rampant bullishness of the times?

  4. Thanks Joe. Very educational and thoughtful analysis. Your work is much appreciated.

  5. This is a similar pattern from the year 1921-1929. There was a sharp wave 4 in May of 1929 which was over in the matter of two weeks followed by the final wave 5 that lasted until Sept.

  6. Thank you Joe, Wow I like your way of explaining Neely!

  7. No other rational apart from the fact whenever we breakout of a range to new highs the rally tends to continue. This bullishness can't be rationalised. I would love to see your theory work out. It's pretty impressive.

  8. Very clear and thorough explanation of EW theory. One of the best I've seen. I particularly appreciate the monthly perspective.

  9. Exceptional work your blog