Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Video

Here's a video I made a commitment to provide, regarding the relationship between Elliott Wave Counting Decisions and Trading Decisions.

Enjoy the video, and best of luck in the markets.


  1. Thanks Joe. Very pertinent to current phase/ stage of the SPX market. Based on the primary count I am following, the vast majority of impulse waves since the 2008 / 2009 bottom are over. We have or are entering wave 4 / wave 5 unwinds for the foreseeable future up to, potentially, super cycle degree. Wave 4's - yuk and Wave 5 are not much better as they are slower and more prone to truncation. I am trying to adjust my thinking that SPX may be fun to chart moving forward but will not be easy or fun to trade. I am trying to find a market in a different intermediate / long term position

  2. Thank you Joe! Much appreciated... as I always am with your education! Thanks!

  3. Trank you Joe! Very very valuable information. Always learning both thru videos and post! Thank you and keep posting them. Will love any guidance on the RUT.

  4. Thx TJ for sharing and explainig EW :)