Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Fourth Wave Conundrum And Pseudo-certainty

Pseudo-certainty is pretending one is certain of something when, in fact, certainty is not possible or likely. I specifically coined the term "The Fourth Wave Conundrum" because when an Elliott analyst is in the throes of counting fourth and fifth waves, it is less likely one will get the count correct the first time.

First, there was nothing untoward today to the down side. Voicing their 'opinions' some will say the market had a "consolidation day" after the large rise on the FED meeting announcement. Others might say "there was a failure to follow-through" and begin looking for a downward count. Others are "certain" we are going higher - but will  not show how. Those that express their certainty are often involved with trying to sell a product: like a web-site subscription or a course with their super secret keys to unlocking the mystery of the trading universe.

Few will just refer back to the Elliott Wave Principle, outlined by Ralph Nelson Elliott, and realize all the possibilities here.

Next, in yesterday's chart, we showed how we have "three waves up" so far, which could be i, ii, and part of iii of an impulse. Or, it could be a, b, and part of c of a diagonal. Today we will show a slightly shorter term chart than the SP500 2-hr chart, instead focusing on the narrower 30 minute time frame, below.

SP500 - Half Hourly Triangle Alternate

I am showing this alternate only so that you have a full understanding of how and why a precise call in the fourth or fifth waves may not be possible - at this point in time. I have not even shown this chart in the live chat room.

So, suppose the down wave from 2401 is a three-wave structure as shown to ((A)), read as circle-A. So far, the up move has been limited to 78.6% of the down move, also in three waves, at this point in time. The Dow has already downwardly overlapped the Mar 10th (A) wave. The S&P has not.

Suppose more downward wave movement is in store for the S&P500 tomorrow. We don't know that. We are just supposing. Then, it's possible the ((C)) wave down of a larger fourth wave triangle would form.

But, and this is key, we are just supposing. There is nothing yet to say that the upward wave is over. So far, there has been little more than a 38.2% retrace of the March 15th high - which could either still be an internal fourth wave or an internal second wave of a continuing upward wave.

In other words, it may be premature to label ((B)) upward as over. We could still very well go on to form 1) an upward impulse, or 2) an upward diagonal over the highs.

And anyone who feigns certainty in such a situation is largely selling you cigar smoke in my opinion. You can go ahead and buy it, but there just isn't a lot there.

Have a good evening!

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  1. Thanks again Joe! Much appreciate your analysis with my schedule. Helps me to prepare and stay focused on what to watch for.