Friday, May 12, 2017


No, not Southeastern North Carolina, SE = Some Evidence, NC = Not Conclusive. There is some evidence now of a possible very ugly triangle in the ES E-Mini S&P500 futures, as pictured below. Please click on the link (which is only to a picture on my main web-site).

Potential Triangle Count

If a triangle does form properly (and one may have already), then it would likely precede the "last wave up" in the ES and S&P500 - perhaps allowing the DJIA to make the elusive 90% level for the minute ((b)) wave of the flat. It is possible to count the up wave as .d and this morning's down wave as the .e wave, but the triangle is not yet conclusive as of this time.

It would be 'nicer' from the perspective of form & balance if a larger .d wave was made, followed by another .e wave down. But, this does not have to occur.

From the standpoint of invalidation, such a triangle would invalidate below the low of the .c wave.

Sorry I could not post the picture directly. There is some issue with Google Blogger that I am trying to resolve. It has resulted in less than timely posts.

If the problem continues, I will be forced to move all activities to my main web-site.

Thanks and hang in there,


  1. Thanks Joe! Have an enjoyable weekend!

  2. As always, thank you very much Joe for sharing your profound insights of these fascinating Elliott waves. Your explanations become more and more comprehensive so that even I begin to count in the meantime. Thank you for sharing your rules and guidelines with all your fellow humans out there. It is very much appreciated.
    I hope you will be able to restore your blog completely. David

    1. Welcome, David. I'm still trying to resolve the issues with this site. Joe.