Thursday, January 26, 2017

Time, Time, Time .. See What's Become of Me

Here is the time relationship in regard to a potential ending diagonal or not. Remember, if there is a valid ending diagonal here, the diagonal could be fully retraced in less than the time it took to build it.

SP500 15-Minute Time Relationship

Just for information at this point.

Best always,


  1. Joe,
    Thanks again for your time and efforts. I know everyone following this blog has a great deal of respect and appreciation for what you do.

    Since we are now not that far from 2323.71 (the max limit for minor 5) I wanted to consider the implications of exceeding that level.
    As I view it, if the market exceeds that level we would be required to downgrade minor 1,2&3 to minute status and minute 5/minor 1 would move to the Jan6 high of 2282. This would place us in minor 3 with implications of much higher levels to come. Your thoughts appreciated.

    1. The up count I provided in today's update suggests a way for a top to be made before 2323.71; what you suggest is reasonable. I just don't want to get ahead of myself, because then some people would say, "you said this." And I haven't yet.

  2. LOL, I do understand. I wasn't placing any odds on the market going higher. The market does love to surprise us so I just wanted to try to have an understanding in place in case it does happen.