Thursday, December 15, 2016

Minor 4 Continues

No changes at the present time. Minor Wave 4 of Intermediate (3) continues as either a complex correction or a triangle. It has a higher b or x wave that alternates well with Minor wave 2 not having a higher b wave.

SP500 2-Hour Chart Impulse Count

It is still expected that the Elliott Wave Oscillator will come to within 10% of the zero line, or lower (not lower than -40%) and price and EMA-34 will cross before this correction is over.



  1. Much appreciate the updates, Joe! Thank you!

  2. Thanks , you have shown that a with the right knowledge wave theory can be an great asset. I was hoping you may have some charting on gdx or gold .Is a minute 4 in play now with a five down to complete the overall down trend in gdx where you would see the count now? Thanks excellent work .